Calvin Klein Euphoria

Calvin Klein Euphoria is one of the best perfumes in the perfume fragrance market. Mysterious, sensual and captivating. Black orchid notes, amber and black violet notes make this perfume so seductive. Buy Calvin Klein perfume fragrances at cheap prices.

Obsession by Calvin Klein

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a spicy evening perfume. It has been a hit from the day it was launched and is still among the most popular women fragrances. Buy Calvin Klein perfume online at discounted designer perfume stores worldwide. Buy also Obsession night for men and for women and use discounts on authentic perfumes.
  • Calvin Klein has many great fragrances and perfumes for women and also for men. The legendary unisex CK One (versions CK One Electric and CK One Scene), as well as CK Be is available at discount prices and in gift packaging. Not to mention the fast shipping of the perfumes.

    If you are looking for Calvin Klein perfumes because you want to feel more feminine or more masculine, you can just go online to search for the best one for you. All you have to do is type the specific name of the perfume that you are interested in. Since you can find so many sites in the search engine results page, you can compare them as to which ones give a bigger discount. You also have the luxury of time to just browse through the pages of the websites so you will not be pressured during the selection process. These are only some of the beautiful things that you can get out of shopping for CK perfumes online.

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Calvin Klein perfume Eternity

Calvin Klein Euphoria

your Calvin Klein perfume or FRAGRANCE FOR MEN... Calvin Klein new perfume for men CK Free is a woody, fresh and masculine cologne for men and is advised for daily wear. Buy discounted Calvin Klein perfumes online at perfume wholesale prices and receive significant discounts or free samples with perfume, cologne or fragrance purchase. Calvin Klein perfumes will make great gift for the season. It has been one of the perfume bestsellers.

Calvin Klein is a popular American fashion brand that has earned a name around the world. The brand is famous for its designer jeans, underwear collections, casual collections, and perfumes. Their fragrances are often closely related to capturing the sensation of the decade or year that it was created.

Calvin Klein Inc. was founded in the late 1960s by Calvin Klein. Its claim to fame is its classic, minimalist style. In the 1970s, the brand was more known for its designer jeans when the brand name was sewn to the jeans’ back pocket. The products of the brand include jeans, underwear, casual clothes and perfumes. They added jewelry collections and watches to their product portfolio in 1997. Its “cK” logo is always seen attached to the products of the brand.

In the field of producing fragrances, Calvin Klein Inc. succeeded with its launch of Calvin, the brand’s first fragrance, in 1981. This was followed by the creation of more successful perfumes, which are said to be strongly associated to an influence of the decade when the fragrances were created. Among the perfumes that marked a milestone for the brand are Obsession for Women in 1985, Obsession for Men in 1986, cK One as the first fragrance categorized as unisex perfume in 1994, Euphoria for women in 2005, and Euphoria for men in 2006. The license to all the Calvin Klein perfumes is now owned by Coty

List of Calvin Klein fragrances and colognes


  • CK In 2u PopCalvin was the first perfume for the brand when it was launched in 1981. If you want a classic smell, this the ideal choice. If you are looking for a bestseller, you may consider buying Eternity by Calvin Klein. It is also often featured as among the top perfumes to buy for yourself and for a gift. It has other versions, such as Eternity Moment, Eternity Purple Orchid, and Eternity Rose Blush, which are all limited edition CK fragrances. To find cheaper Calvin Klein perfumes, look for designer shops online that may be offering them at a discount. For both men and women, the brand created Obsession in 1986. There is also Escape, a men and women fragrance. Truth was launched with its fresh and woody smell in 1992. Contradiction has musk, bergamot, cedar and even pepper. CK One has a dominant citrus fragrance that is smooth to the nose. CK Crave is men’s fragrance developed in 2003. This can be found at a discount online, along with Eternity Summer, Euphoria, Euphoria Blossom for women, Euphoria Intense for men, and more.

    One of the first fragrances was Calvin which was launched for men in 1981. Eternity by Calvin Klein both for men and women was another top 10 perfume and features bestseller lists. Eternity has its versions, such a CK Eternity Rose blush, Eternity Purple Orchid and Eternity Moment which are all limited edition CK perfumes on sale. You can buy cheap perfumes at discounted designer perfume stores online. Obsession (for men and women) was launched in 1986. The nest range of popular CK perfumes include Escape that was designed both as version for men fragrance and perfume for men. Truth by CK was launched in 2002 and has woody and fresh notes in it. Contradiction by CK was launched in 1997 and it blends pepper, bergamot, cedar and musk. CK Crave was created for men in 2003. This beautiful fragrance is still available to shop online. CK One summer is a smooth and citrusy fragrance with fresh notes that has been one of the most successful CK arfumes. Euphoria perfume by CK is available at discount price , as well as the Eternity Summer (both cologne for men and perfume for women). Success of Euphoria was followed by Euphoria Blossom (for women) and Euphoria Intense (for men) that are sold at cheap prices. Buy discounted original Calvin Klein CK perfumes online. Shop Calvin Klein Man or CK IN2U online, buying perfume online is easy - we also have the Eternity perfume on perfume sale.