Herrera 212 Sexy

212 Sexy is the most seductive Carolina Herrera perfume. This beautiful feminine fragrances has very powerful combinations of notes revealing the sensuality of Herrera woman. Carolina Herrera 212 has notes of bergamot, floral petals, cotton candy, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. 212 perfume is absolutely intoxicating.

Carolina Herrera Chic

Herrera Chic is long-time favorite for both men and women. The seductive notes of Bulgarian rose, mandarin blossom and vanilla together with freesia and musk create a very feminine and passionate fragrance. Carolina Herrera Chic is also available online and check out on discounts for Herrera Chic perfume. We have lowest prices on all Carolina Herrera perfumes.

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Carolina Herrera perfumes

Carolina Herrera Splash 212

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These days, following the trend is a must if you want to move in the higher levels of society. A part of the desire to become fashionable is the fulfillment upon seeing how good you look in the mirror. However, being fashionable does not end with the dress that you are wearing because you also need to smell good as well. This is why you need designer perfumes to complete your appearance as a fashionable man or woman. Carolina Herrera can provide for your fashionable needs.

Carolina Herrera is an American fashion designer who was born in Venezuela. She founded her fashion house in 1980 and came to be known to the fashion world for her chic fashion designs which proved to be a hit. She was always on the list of the best dressed women around the world in the 1970s to the 1980s. Some of her fashion house’s most popular clients are Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Renee Zelwegger. 
Carolina Herrera CH Garden PartyThe first fragrance of the fashion company was launched in 1988, called Carolina Herrera. This started the series of successful perfume launching for the company. The fashion company also created the CH Carolina Herrera lifestyle brand and launched it in 2008. This brand includes home goods and accessories as well as fashionable clothes, and perfumes for men and women. Carolina Herrera, the brand’s first perfume, was launched in 1988, while its latest edition was in 2011. The brand worked with perfume designers such as Alberto Morillas, Ann Gottlieb, Rosendo Mateu, Jacques Cavallier, Carlos Benaim, and Jean-Marc Chaillan among others.

List of other fragrances by this brand


Carolina Herrera 212 is a delicate and feminine perfume from this brand. There are several versions of 212 Herrera, for example 212 H2O, 212 On Ice (Carolina Herrera 212 On Ice), the sensual 212 Sexy that is a floral fragrance and is the most popular among 212 perfumes. There are also 212 Silver perfume, joyful 212 Splash perfume and 212 White by Carolina Herrera. Aquaflore was introduced in 1996 and is pure refreshing fragrance. Carolina perfume by Carolina Herrera was introduced in 2003 and it is a delicious perfume with notes of fruits, berries, vanilla and rose. Consider also Carolina Vintage Edition. Lowest prices on CH perfume (Carolina Herrera CH perfume). Chic perfume on sale has best price ever. Also take a look at Flore perfume (Carolina Herrera Flore) and we have discounts on other Herrera perfumes as well. If you need a men's perfume, this brand has many wonderful fragrances for men to offer. For example, 212 H2O for men by Carolina Herrera, 212 Men (Herrera 212 men), 212 on Ice for men (212 men on Ice), 212 Sexy for men, as well as 212 Splash for men and 212 White for men. There are fresh and oceanic men perfumes as well as sensual and sweeter cologne among Carolina Herrera 212 men. Herrera Chic for men has low price and from time to time Herrera chic men goes on sale. Among other fragrances review the Herrera Men, Herrera Aqua, Herrera Refreshing Ginger and Herrera Sensual Vetiver.

Carolina Herrera 212 is a soft, feminine fragrance, which spawned other versions, such as 212 H2O, 212 On Ice, and 212 Sexy, with its floral and sensual scent. The 212 Sexy is the most popular perfume among all the 212 Herrera versions of the company. You may also choose 212 Silver, 212 Splash, and 212 White. If you want to go for classic perfumes, you may try Aquaflore, which was launched in 1996. It is also notable for its refreshing scent. Carolina, first launched in 2003, has the combined notes of berries, rose, vanilla, and other fruits. You may also want to look at Carolina Vintage Edition. Flore perfume or Chic can be bought at discounts online.
The brand also sells perfumes for men. Some of them are 212 on Ice for men, 212 Sexy for men, 212 White for men, and 212 Splash for men. These Carolina Herrera 212 perfumes for men are best known for their oceanic scent with a touch of sweetness and sensuality. Chic for men is also available and you can even find it at a discount if you buy them online. Other perfumes for men are Herrera Aqua, Herrera Men, Herrera Sensual Vetiver, and Herrera Refreshing Ginger.