Sublime by Jean Patou

Sublime Perfume was introduced in the early 90’s and was designed by Jean Kerleo, the in-house perfumer for the House of Jean Patou from 1967 until 1998.  This influential perfume was created particularly for women who want to stand out and who have a strong sense of style and attitude.  Sublime is beauty and power mixed together in an elegant and luxurious bottle with a golden stopper. Sublime is a harmony of notes brought by the combination of bergamot, coriander, tangerine and green accords, as well as the gentle hymn of rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine plus neroli oil.  The base notes are composed of cedar, civet, sandalwood and vanilla.

Sublime review

Sublime Perfume can be anyone’s beloved scent.  Romantic and mysterious, this perfume possesses a stylish simplicity.  You will find that the smell has dense yet subtle floral scents playing against each other and there is mixture of sweet and bitter elements that compliment each other.  Purchasing a bottle of Sublime Perfume is never a wrong decision because it remains one of Jean Patou’s masterpiece perfumes loved by many people.

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Jean Patou Joy

Discover jean patou..Jean Patou, the name behind Jean Patou Sublime Perfume and other uncompromising creations, was a French fashion designer.  Born in Normandy, France on the 19th of August in the year 1887, this man was determined to realize his dreams of becoming a couturier.  At the age of 23, he moved to Paris and it was in 1912 when he managed to open “Maison Parry”, a small dressmaking salon.  However, Patou’s business was interrupted by the First World War and it was in 1919 that he was able to reopen it.  From then until his remaining years in the 1930s, his name in the fashion design industry was very popular among rich American women. 

It was in 1926 when the House of Jean Patou Paris was established and has been home to four Master Perfumers namely: Mar. Henry Almeras (1926), Mr. Henry Giboulet (1940), Mr. Jean Kerleo (1968) and Mr. Jean-Michael Duriez (1997).  All these master perfumers who joined the house made the House of Patou survive when the market for luxury fashion died after the stock market crashed. These fragrances therefore were a huge hit and they still remain well-known even today.


When Jean Patou passed away on March 8, 1936, his sister and brother-in-law ran the House of Patou.  However, in September 2001, the company was sold to Procter & Gamble Company and until now has continued to produce some of the famous Jean Patou fragrances

The Masterpiece Perfumes from the House of Jean Patou


The Masterpiece Perfumes from the House of Jean Patou
If you loved Sublime, you may also love other Jean Patou perfumes like Patou ForEver, EnJoy, Lasso, Le Sien Hip and Sira des Indes. Also three men's perfumes, Patou Pour Homme, Patou Pour Homme Privé, and Voyageur are available.

All of Jean Patou’s famous fragrances are composed of a unique and special mix of ingredients that were personally picked by Master Perfumers.