Jess perfume

Jess fragrance is described as a luxurious floral scent for women. Its top notes are that of the floral and fruity blend, but the flowery fragrance surfaces such as the scents of hyacinth, basil, violet, and lily-of-the-valley. Its fruity notes consist of mandarin or orange blossom, peach, vanilla and grapefruit. It also has a combination of woody notes.
The perfume bottle has an elegant and classic look.

Jess fragrance review

If you check online reviews of Jess perfume, you will find that most users would recommend the fragrance. The reviews would usually mention the great floral smell. Women really love the scent of flowers, which is why many users fell in love with the scent of Jess perfume. The mildness of the floral fragrance attracts women who love wearing perfume on a daily basis. According to one review, the wood notes perfectly match the flowery scent.
If there is a negative review about this fragrance, it is just that the perfume is rare and hard to acquire. If you can barely find it in boutiques, you will probably find one online but you need to do a good deal of canvassing before you can get one for yourself.

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Jessica McClintock perfume

Jessica Mcclintock Jess

brand history and moreMost women have a natural passion for fragrances. Wearing perfume brings out the femininity of a woman. This is why many manufacturers and designers worldwide are exploring new fragrances each time. You can include Jess perfume in the list of fragrances for women. Jess Perfume was designed by Jessica McClintock who is founder and CEO of Jessica McClintock, Inc., a retail business enterprise located in San Francisco, California.

Jessica McClintock, who initially dreamed of becoming an educator, has now turned herself into a popular fashion entrepreneur. After taking over Gunne Sax clothing company, she eventually established her own name by putting up her own retail company in Northern California which she named after herself. She ventured into selling dresses and apparels that include bridal gowns, clothing accessories, home decors, and eyeglasses. Wanting to explore more of her creative side, Jessica developed a line of fragrance that would match her romantic apparels. So, in 1988, she introduced her first signature fragrance, Jessica McClintock. Then, it was followed by Jess perfume in 1995. Jess brought her to stardom in the fragrance business when it was voted for a celebrated FiFi Award nomination for unique and classy packaging.

More Jessica Mcclintock perfumes

Jessica McClintock fragrance was Jessica’s debut in the fragrance division of her multi-faceted company. A few years later, Jess perfume followed and garnered a good amount of recognition. Jessica also introduced her line of men’s perfumes. One of which is Scott McClintock fragrance which can only be exclusively purchased at Jessica McClintock boutiques. Jessica McClintock No. 3 fragrance was added in her line of perfumes last July 2001. Two years after that, she launched three Gunne Sax fragrances which are Jasmine Kiss, Raspberry Romance and Vintage Vanilla.
Jessica McClintock’s passion for romance has brought her to the hall of fame.