Daisy by Marc Jacobs

This delightful and playful perfume from Marc Jacobs blends the innocence and femininity into this beautiful sparkling perfume - Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs Daisy might seem a light girly perfume, but it has sophisticated notes of violet leaves, gardenia and musk added that make this perfume a pure delight. Buy Marc Jacobs Daisy at wholesale prices. Original MJ perfumes are guaranteed with discounts.

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Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs is a lovely classical fragrance recommended for day. Notes of cedar, ginger and gardenia musk blend in a captivating fragrance that will earn you many compliments. This delicious women perfume is available also in travel sizes and costs less than in other sites. Buy cheap Marc Jacobs perfume online and get the real authentic discounted designer perfume and fragrance. These perfumes are authentic and sold at wholesale prices. fast shipping and excellent rates of perfumes and fragrances today. Perfume bestsellers with cheaper prices and some of the discontinued perfumes as well as sold online. Choose the right perfume for women or for men.

Among the most notable scents from the brand is Marc by Marc Jacobs due to its classical scent that is more appropriate for daytime use. It has the scent of gardenia musk, cedar, and even ginger. This perfume for women is also available in travel sizes and you may buy it online for less. You are even guaranteed to get authentic designer perfume so you will not be disappointed by its scent. If you can find a wholesale supplier, you can buy the perfumes at even lower prices. There are also bestseller fragrances that are sold at a discount online
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Daisy by Marc Jacobs

your Marc jacobs perfume... Marc Jacobs Blush notes have bergamot, musk and sandalwood that blend into very floral and sensual fragrance. Pink freesia adds lightness to it and jasmine unveils its complete beauty with every minute. Perfume Blush by Marc Jacobs is designated for casual wear and is sold on sale with discounts on perfumes. This discounted marc jacobs fragrance is a great gift and a real treat for those who love Marc Jacobs perfumes.

Those who are familiar with designer goods from American designers may also have heard about Marc Jacobs. He is famous for his ready-to-wear line and perfume collections. If you want all American goods, you may consider buying the ones with a Marc Jacobs brand.

Marc Jacobs is an American designer. He readily showed his enthusiasm about designing even at an early age, which is why he enrolled and graduated from the High School of Art and Design in 1981. He went on to study more about the art of fashion design at Parsons School of Design Marc Jacobs Lolalocated in New York. During his student years in Parsons, he won Two Gold Thimble awards as well as the Design Student of the Year award. He also showed his potential as a designer when he created and sold out hand-knit sweaters even while he was still studying.
Jacobs’ first collection under his own label was launched in 1986 as he partnered with Kashiyama USA Inc. This time, he got another award, the Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. Eventually, he worked for Perry Ellis in 1988 but got out of the company in 1993. It was then that he founded the Marc Jacobs International Company line. He introduced his first menswear collection in 1994. Three years later, he worked as the creative director of Louis Vuitton and helped the brand launch its first ever ready-to-wear collection. In 2001, Marc by Marc Jacobs was launched.


Other Marc Jacobs perfume such as Daisy, Marc Jacobs Blush, Cocktail Splash Cranberry, and more are available online. Cotton is offered in a pretty clean line bottle that is worth collecting even after you have emptied it. Cucumber is a mild scent that can certainly delight the noses of those who can smell it. Since these perfumes are available in various bottle sizes, you can easily take your pick. Essence has notes of gardenia heart that is supported by orange flower, mild freesia, sandalwood and Turkish rose petals. It is the signature perfume of quite a few Marc Jacobs customers. Ivy has notes of tonka bean, vetiver, and cardamom. Orange, obviously from its name, has a fruity smell. Marc Jacobs Cologne is made of a mix of notes from cedar wood, Tuscan cypress, fig leaves, musk and patchouli. This is a strong yet sensual scent for men. Lola, on the other hand, has a provocative feel to it for women. All these Marc Jacobs perfumes and more can be found online.

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The same year in 2001, Jacobs offered his first fragrance in partnership with Coty. It was Marc Jacobs for Women, followed by the fragrance version for men a year later. The brand also started a line of unisex fragrances in 2006 with single names placed noticeably in large bottles, such as Cucumber, Cotton, or Fig. He launched Daisy, a fragrance for women, in 2007 and it became one of the brand’s most popular perfumes. It influenced many other fragrances from the brand. In 2009, he launched Lola, another woman scent, which is also a bestseller though it was only created for a limited edition. A year later, Bang for men was launched, which earned a reputation as a popular scent for young men.

Marc Jacobs fragrances and cologne at wholesale prices are real bargain. Daisy by Marc Jacobs, perfume Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Blush have sale so check out latest offers. Marc Jacobs Cotton perfume in a clean line bottle is pure delight and can be bought with discounts on perfumes. Marc Jacobs Cucumber fragrance is another light and lovely perfume for your delight. Buy Marc Jacobs perfumes in various sizes, including travel size perfume or get a gift set for complete product range by Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs essence fragrance has the rich gardenia heart note supplemented by light freesia, orange flower and turkish rose petals with a touch of sandalwood. This gorgeous parfum can become your signature perfume.Marc Jacobs Ivy has cardamom, tonka bean and vetiver notes. Marc Jacobs Orange is a provoking fruity fragrance. You can locate also marc Jacobs Winter Amber. Marc Jacobs cologne by Marc Jacobs has an amazing bouquet of Tuscan cypress, cedar wood, fig leaves, patchouli and musk. Very sensual and masculine perfume for men. Marc Jacobs Lola is flirtatious and provocative feminine perfume.