Paloma Picasso perfume

Paloma Picasso perfume is classified under the woody, mossy, refined fragrance. The perfume was created and launched in 1984 by Paloma Picasso along with the aid of her supportive husband who designed the visual image of the bottle. The scent is specially designed for women with floral blends accented with citrus and woods.
The scent opens with top notes of neroli, bergamot and jasmine, added with the floral aroma of rose, ylang-ylang and coriander in the middle notes, and based with patchouli, amber, and vetiver.
The perfume bottle is shaped beautifully in red packaging with black accent.
The feminine fragrance is best worn in evenings particularly during special and romantic occasions.

Fragrance review

Being a signature perfume of a highly renowned jewelry designer, this fragrance is getting many recommendations online. Women users just love the smell of Paloma Picasso perfume. Many women have been exclusively wearing this scent since the 80’s. Most reviews highlight the long-lasting effect of the perfume and the compliments they receive.
A few reviews mention the cost of the perfume as one of the cons, while others say that the scent is overpowering. Reviewers profile this perfume as more of a classic style of fragrance with a rich woody or earthy scent type.

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Paloma Picasso perfume

An Epitome of Refinement... When the name Paloma Picasso is mentioned, you can very much tell that it speaks of modern popularity and artistry. Paloma Picasso perfume is a signature fragrance of the famed Paloma Picasso who does not only excel in the craft of jewelry design but in developing signature perfumes as well.

Paloma Picasso is popular in jewelry designing and signature perfumes. This famous French designer is the youngest daughter of the renowned Pablo Picasso, a 20th century painter and Francoise Gilot, a writer. Coming from a family of artists, she herself also took after the artistic personalities of her parents through jewelry designing. She started her career in 1968 by working as a costume designer. Soon enough, her talent for creating beautiful styles and designs of jewelry was discovered and she then started working for Tiffany & Co. in 1980.
Wanting to explore more of her creative persona, she ventured into fragrance creation in 1984 and successfully developed the very first “Paloma” fragrance for L’Oreal. Her husband, Rafael Lopez-Cambil, helped her out in creating the bottle design and packaging.


List of other fragrances from this brand

Apart from Paloma Picasso perfume, another feminine fragrance designed by Paloma Picasso is the Tentations Perfume which can be classified in floral and fruity fragrance.
In 1992, Paloma launched the Minotaure Cologne for men. Having an oriental, woody fragrance, it opens with a combination of fresh oriental and base notes of sandalwood and patchouli. This male scent is recommended for day use.
Wearing the signature fragrance of a famous Paloma Picasso also depicts a fine choice in perfumes. For women who want to experience a sensual essence, this is a must-try. Be defined in your choice of feminine fragrance and bring intense passion on a romantic adventure with Paloma Picasso perfume.