Ralph Lauren Blue

Ralph Lauren Blue perfume is specially designed for women who love clean, fresh, soft scents. This is classified under floral fragrances and was showcased to the market in 2005. The top notes of lotus, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, pink peony, and gardenia bring a relaxing aroma. The heart of the floral scent are dominated by the smell of rose de Mai, tuberose, and orange blossom. The intense warm fragrance of sandalwood, musk, ambrette seed, vetiver, and oakmoss form the blend of base notes.
The crystal blue effect of the perfume on the bottle gives a cool splash of fresh feeling. It comes in sizes of 2.5 oz. and 4.2 oz.
Almost every woman who used Ralph Lauren Blue perfume loved the fragrance because of its cool, fresh floral aroma from its soft top notes. To many younger women of the new generation, this has become their favorite. The light, flowery smell just got them hooked to the perfume. Since the scent is not overpowering, women recommend using this for daytime wear for a fresh feeling every day. There is not so much negative feedback about this product based on online reviews. It has been highly recommended by anyone who has used it, and would even claim that it has become their signature scent.

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Fall In Love with the Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Blue

online fragrances Who does not recognize the name Ralph Lauren? It definitely rings a bell in the fashion industry. This designer has been very famous in the world of fashion. And adding up to his collections are his signature perfumes. One of his proudly created feminine fragrances is the Ralph Lauren Blue perfume.

Ralph Lauren was born in New York to Jewish parents originally from Belarus who migrated to the United States. His craft in fashion designing did not start in a fashion school. With the financial help of Norman Hilton, a clothing manufacturer in Manhattan, he came up with his own designs of neckties which he first launched in 1967 under the label name "Polo." In the next few years after that, he started adding more designs to his men's wear collections and gained recognition. He also introduced a line of women's suits designed after his men's wear line. As years passed by, his passion for fashion designing extended to broader categories which included creating fragrances for both men and women. His perfume collections were also a huge topper in the cosmetics industry worldwide.

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