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Stella perfume is one of the most successful fragrances from Stella McCartney perfume collection. Stella is all about rose - this sensual and feminine fragrance unveils the notes of rose, peony and amber. This is truly sensual fragrance and is made from organic ingredients. We offer great wholesale price perfumes, including discounted Stella perfume.

Stella in Two fragrance

This is another beautiful addition to the Stella McCartney fragrances, Stella two peony combines the Stella peony perfume, which is delicate and fresh (spiced with some pepper notes) and Stella Amber that has musk notes and is sexy fragrance for evening wear. We offer discounted original perfumes. Buying a cheap perfume on our site you will get an original cheap designer perfume.

Stella, the first perfume of the designer’s label, has a flowery scent with the combined notes of mandarin, rose absolute, rose and amber. All these notes result to a clearly feminine scent. Stella in Two combines amber and Peony eau de toilette. This resulted to a sensual scent of amber with a musky touch to it. Its smell is quite unique. Sheer Stella has the scent of pepper, freesia and raspberry. Stellanude has grapefruit, Moroccan rose, amber, peony, and vanilla. This is another version of Stella. Rose Absolute has a more concentrated scent than the Stella perfume
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Stella by Stella McCartney

your Stella Mccartney perfume... British fashion designer Stella McCartney is all about great designs and nature protection. She uses organic ingredients also in Stella perfumes line. Most popular is the Stella perfume that is pure essence of rose and embodies the ultimate femininity. We have also other fragrances from this brand and offer low prices on original designer perfumes and fragrances. Choose one you like from discounted Stella McCartney fragrances.

Celebrities want Stella McCartney clothing. Now, you cannot only dress and look like these celebrities, but you can also smell like one if you wear Stella McCartney perfumes.

Stella McCartney is a British fashion designer. She is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles and the late Linda McCartney, a musician and photographer, who are considered as iconic couples of the 20th century.

Stella SheerStella showed interest in fashion at a young age of 13 when she had her hand at making her first jacket. She had an internship at Christian Lacroix and Edward Sexton, her father’s tailor. She went to Central St. Martin’s College to study fashion and organized a graduation runway show, which was later bought by a London retailer. She also made licensing deals with Joseph, Browns, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.
In 1997, Stella became a creative director of Chloe. In 2001, she partnered with Gucci Group to launch her own label using her name. Now, her designs can be found in 600 retail outlets and 15 free-standing boutiques in many countries all over the world.
Stella also started an athletic wear collection by working with Adidas in 2004 and it includes apparel for different sports, bags and shoes. She also worked on a limited edition collection with H&M in 2005 to create a more affordable collection for her avid followers. It was immediately sold out on the day of launching. She also designed lingerie in 2008 and Stella McCartney Kids in 2010.
The label’s first fragrances were first created and launched in 2003 when she partnered with L’Oreal. Her first perfume was called Stella. A “Sheer” Edition is launched every spring though each launching features different bottle designs. Her “Print Collection” was launched in 2011.

The first perfumes of the Stella McCartney label were created in 2003 while the latest one was launched in 2012. Stella works with Jacques Cavallier to create her fragrances.

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Stella by Stella McCartney is lovely feminine perfume with floral notes, mainly rose, rose absolute and mandarin, as well as notes of amber.You can buy Stella fragrance with good discounts and get this wonderful fragrance immediately shipped. Stella in Two is a beautiful combination of Peony eau de toilette and amber solid fragrance. Contrasts between the sparkling and fresh peony combined with musky and sensual amber will create unique and sensual feel. Sheer Stella perfume is wonderful and refreshing fragrance with freesia, pepper and raspberry notes and you can buy Sheer Edt at low price. These cheap perfumes are original perfumes and wholesale perfumes. It means that you will get wholesale perfume that is original perfume at a cheaper price. Stellanude is version of the famous Stella fragrance and it has Moroccan rose, grapefruit, vanilla and as usual favorites of Mccartney perfume - peony and amber. Cheap Stella nude perfume available. Rose Absolute is more concentrated version of Stella fragrance.
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