Innocent by Thierry Mugler

Innocent is a fresh and sparkling fruity fragrance by Thierry Mugler. Innocent contains notes of dewberry, bergamot, musk and passion fruit. This fragrance is great for day wear and will make a great gift. Thierry Mugler has also Innocent Summer Splash - a delightful fragrance created for summer, Innocent Secret and Innocent Illusion - all great versions based on the famous fragrance.


Perfume: The Coffret

Perfume: The Coffret by Thierry Mugler was created after the intriguing movie called Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. This coffret contains 15 bottles of Thierry Mugler's interpretation of the Suskind's book and movie. This coffret costs aboout 700 US dollars.

Those who are not afraid to smell like food and sweets are the loyal users of Thierry Mugler perfumes. For Angel alone, many users are unified in expressing how classic the smell of this fragrance is. Most of the users are also having fun wearing perfumes that remind them of food, though others end up getting hungry at the reminder of something edible, like chocolate, coffee, cotton candy, and others.
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Thierry Mugler perfume

Thierry Mugler Angel

your Thierry mugler perfume or cologne... Thierry Mugler Angel created a sensation in 1992. After launch of this oriental and delicious perfume it became a bestseller in France and was very popular in the US as well. This perfume is spicy and does not leave anyone indifferent. It's either you hate it or love it. After the huge success Thierry Mugler has launched different versions of the Angel, however the original version is still the most popular.

List of Thierry Mugler fragrances


If you want a Hall of Famer perfume, then you may consider using the best known perfume from Thierry Mugler, the perfume called Angel. This designer may have started out as a dancer and turned to designing for his passion. He became a notable personality in the world of design and luxury goods when he started the trend of gourmand in fragrances in the 1990s.

At 14 years of age, Mugler started training as a dancer. He studied interior design and moved PThierry Mugler Womanity aris at 24. His first taste of the design world was when he started as a window dresser and eventually, became a freelance designer. He launched his first women collection in 1973. He opened his first ever Parisian boutique and introduced his new menswear collection both in 1978. Mugler’s style is quite unique due to their fantasy-based modern shapes.
Mugler launched Angel, the brand’s first fragrance, in 1992. It revolutionized the world of fragrance because of its gourmand notes, which remind you of food. It was an innovative scent in the 1990s, which was followed by other perfume designers. Its influence even reached the 21st century. Now, Angel is still the brand’s bestseller for men and women alike. It also became a part of the Fifi Awards Hall of Fame in 2007.
In 1996, Mugler launched A*Men, the first fragrance for men. Its notes inspired other men’s fragrances, such as Alien, a Mugler bestseller for men, which was launched in 2005.

You can choose from a lot of perfumes from Mugler fragrances. A*Men, or called as Angel Men, is the brand’s bestseller among men’s fragrances. Innocent is a feminine scent with an oriental smell. Mugler’s Angel is considered one of the best gifts. It has influenced many other perfumes, such as Angel Sunessence, a fragrance fit for summer, and Angel Garden of Stars. If you want to order any of these perfumes, you can look for them online and have them shipped to your home. Other choices from Mugler include B*Men, A*Men Summer Flash, A Aline, Mugler Cologne Summer Flash, and more. ICE*Men is among the stronger fragrances for men created by the brand. A*Men Pure Coffee can give you the user a more exotic smell because of the scent of coffee in it, another example of Mugler’s gourmand trend.

A*Men is a Thierry Mugler cologne created for men in 1996. In some countries this cologne is sold as Angel Men. Innocent is a fresh oriental perfume for women and it does few versions of this perfume. Its most popular fragrance - Angel by Thierry Mugler is available in many sizes and prices. This delicious perfume is perfect for the season and will make the top 10 gifts this year. Versions of the Thierry Mugler Angel, including Angel Garden of Stars and Angel Sunessence, which is a lighter version of perfume Angel in summer, are available to order with fast shipping times and great rates. Thierry Mugler B*Men, A Alien, A*Men Summer Flash, as well as Mugler Cologne Summer Flash offer a variety for men's cologne designated for modern men. ICE*Men by Mugler is another beautiful choice for men with the strong and fresh notes. If looking for something more exotic, try the cologne A*Men Pure Coffee, which has notes of coffee added to it, creating an amazing combination. Need some more perfumes, take a look at the rest of Mugler perfume range, for example, Eau de Star, Miror Miror! and of course, the famous perfume Alien that also offers some delightful versions to satisfy your taste.