Todd Oldham Perfume for Women

Todd Oldham Perfume is an oriental fragrance designed for women.  This perfume has a great harmony of notes where the top notes are composed of peach, mandarin orange and bergamot.  The middle notes contain the mixture of cinnamon, jasmine, rose and some other fruity notes, while the base notes include musk, patchouli, amber, sandalwood and benzoin. This perfume comes in different sized bottles such as:
Todd Oldham Eau de Parfum .2 oz MINI
Todd Oldham Eau de Parfum Spray 1 oz. / 30 ml
Todd Oldham Eau de Parfum Spray 2.5 oz / 75 ml


Todd Oldham Perfume for Women by Todd Oldham is highly recommended because its fragrance is appropriate for daily use and for any type of occasion, anytime of the day.  It is a big hit not just for women because even men love the smell of this perfume.  The balance of sweet and musky notes produces one of the best smelling fragrances you can imagine and those who have tried this perfume have become addicted to the smell.

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Todd Oldham perfume

Todd Oldham perfume

For women who love to stand out Todd Oldham, born on October 22, 1961, is a designer and the current President of L-7 Designs, Inc.  His one-of-a kind approach to fashion and style has become famous and widely accepted through his fashion line, books, interior designs and TV show appearances.Todd Oldham’s first clothing line was introduced in 1989 and his perfume line that released Todd Oldham Perfume was launched in 1995.  He also opened a furniture shop that was operational from 2003 until 2007 where he showcased his personally designed furniture and home accessories.

It was this stylist icon who also designed the Hotel of South Beach and hosted “Todd Time” on MTV Style.  Also involved in book publishing, Todd Oldham has produced several books on different aspects of style. So for women who want to stand out and those who want to receive compliments here and there, you should start wearing Todd Oldham Perfume for Women.  Some women have been using this perfume for years and years now and they can swear that the scent has never changed and that the smell is something that lingers even in imagination.  Sweet, spicy, sexy and alluring, Todd Oldham is a perfume with a concoction of a variety of scents every modern woman should wear.

Todd Oldham perfume online

Although Todd Oldham Perfume made an impact in the perfume industry, no other perfume was created by Todd Oldham since.  Hopefully this will not last forever because so many people admired the perfume he created and these people are hoping to experience another wonderful elixir once again if another Todd Oldham scent will be launched.
To those who haven’t tried Todd Oldham Perfume yet, this amazing fragrance is available online.  There are various online perfume shops and retailers offering this product at great deals and prices.  Check online and look for a shop you can trust to ensure that the Todd Oldham Perfume you are getting is genuine.